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Trend Make Up 2019

Udah mulai siap-siap membuat resolusi tahun baru 2019 ? Mungkin salah satu resolusi yang kamu buat adalah belajar make up lebih serius ? Atau kamu ingin mengganti stok make up yang uda mulai expired ? Well, harbolnas memang sudah berlalu, tapi semarak diskon masih ramai di berbagai market place ataupun ecommerce market. Supaya ngga salah beli, yuk intip contemn trend make up tahun 2019 yang dilansir dari Glowsly dot com.

Di tulis dalam laman Glowsy dot com :
For the spring/ summer 2019 makeup trends, their focus was on clean, ethereal beauty punctuated by just a single messy or unusual element. This meant everything from wild graphic eyeliner to watercolor-esque eyeshadow, or bitten-looking lips. Foundation was mostly out for the spring/ summer 2019 beauty trends, with a strong preference for glowy, bare skin.

Hhmm, sebenarnya trend ini sudah mulai terbaca dari banyaknya make up look dan jargon-jargon beberapa skincare yang beredar di tahun ini ya Girls! Oke, kita akan bahas dulu satu-satu ya

1. Clear Skin

Dari laman Glowsy dot com :
At this point it’s old news that runway makeup artists are not big fans of foundation. Instead, for the spring 2019 makeup trends, superstar artists like Pat McGrath, Val Garland, and Lisa Eldridge kept skin foundation-free, instead opting to use just a touch of concealer or some blurring primer only on the spots where it was truly necessary.
If you tend to sweat and hate the feel of foundation sliding down your face, then we are sure you are going to enjoy this light and breezy way of making up your complexion. Each one of these makeup artists made sure to cite the importance of a great skincare routine when questioned backstage, so if you’re a fan make sure not to neglect yours!
The best takes on clean skin were at Stella McCartney, where just a touch of mascara and a dab of iridescent shimmer were all that was necessary to bring out the models’ natural beauty. Even that mascara wasn’t necessary at Balmain, Proenza Schouler, and Isabel Marant, where perfect bare skin glowed with health. Just a touch of blush was all the complexion makeup models needed at Christopher Kane

So, kamu harus mulai dengan membeli produk-produk skincare yang akan meningkatkan kondisi wajah kamu. Mulai deh kenali apa tipe kulit wajah kamu. Misalnya, produk apa saja yang harus kamu pakai untuk AM PM Routine kalau kamu memiliki tipe kulit kering, kulit berminyak, kulit sensitif dan lain sebagainya. Khusus untuk kulit kering, aku sudah pernah buat Am Pm Routinenya di sini. Dan untuk kulit berminyak seperti aku, aku juga tulis Skincare routine yang aku pakai di sini.

2. Glowing Skin
Forget matte, the spring/ summer 2019 beauty trends are all about glowing skin, shining healthfully with a natural gleam. This season cheekbones and foreheads were highlighted softly, but not with powder highlighters. Makeup artists preferred a touch of liquid or cream luminizer to give a more natural sheen.

Oke fixed, yang belum punya shimmery highlighter kudu mulai cari ! Ada banyak highlighter kece yang harganya nggak mahal tapi hasilnya bagus banget, misalnya :

Sleek Highlighter Rp 195.000

Mizzu X Rachel Godard Canggu Rp 125.000

Liquid Highligher OTwoO Rp 45.000

Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter Rp 130.000 

3. Preety In Pink
Blush and eyeshadow and lips, oh my! Pink was favored as part of the spring/ summer 2019 makeup trends, specifically in monochrome looks where pink powder was used on both eyelids and cheekbones, while a matching rose tint graced the lips. It paired well with the princess dresses, florals, tiaras, and tulle that we saw all over the runways.

Dari beberapa beauty blogger juga bilang, kalau warna-warna coral itu bakal jadi trend di tahun 2019. Mulai yuk kumpulin semua produk yang memiliki warna coral (pink , peach, orange). Kamu bisa mulai dari beberapa pallete yang menyediakan semuanya dalam satu produk. Misalnya seperti Wardah Cheeck and Lip tint, The Balm Voyage, etc. 

Warfah Cheeck and Lip Tint Rp 40.000
Bon Voyage from The Balm Rp 70.000

4. Groomed Brow

Clean is the first word that comes to mind when we think of the way makeup artists shaped and styled eyebrows for the spring/ summer 2019 beauty trends. With the use of just the tiniest amount of eyebrow powder and a helping dose of clear mascara, brows were softly perfected without an Instagram brow in sight!
Well groomed brows brushed upwards and feathery eyelashes were part of a soft, natural makeup look at Jil Sander. Eyebrows were also brushed upwards, and touched up with a hint of brow powder, as part of ultra-clean makeup looks at Dion Lee and Fendi. At Moschino, thick groomed brows worked perfectly under the big Carmen Sandiego hats that most models wore.

Eyebrow powder yang bagus, bisa kamu pilih misalnya
Anastasia Powder Duo Rp 325.000
Eyebrow powder Holika-holika Rp 175.000
Wardah Eyebrow Kit Rp 35.000

5. Underliner
‘90s nostalgia was alive and well in the spring 2019 makeup trends, with underliner being one of its representations. This is the kind of makeup trend that is not about looking beautiful – it’s about looking impactful. It makes the wearer look fierce and angry, but also sultry and sexy. It is the ultimate grunge makeup technique.
Ashley Williams had one of the most punk rock runways this season, and a thick line of black rimming the eye in a circular shape certainly helped cement that vibe. Mugler also gave us a punk-ish vibe, with black eyeliner applied thickly both in the waterline and below the lashes, and then extended out in a wing.
The models that didn’t sport graphic eyeliner at Christian Dior wore just a thin line of black in their waterline. Lastly, even at Acne Studios a few of the models sported a line of thick under-eye eyeliner.

Kalau untuk under eyeliner, kamu bisa menggunakan eyeliner pencil yang agak creamy supaya lebih mudah pengaplikasiannya seperti : 
Lakme Kajal Rp 125.000
Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil Rp 34.000

6. Clumpy Mascara

You would expect clumpier mascara to come up as one of the grungy spring/ summer 2019 makeup trends, but this season it actually showed up on some of the more poised runways where designs were on the serious side of things.
Twiggy was the style inspiration for the look at Prada, with mascara applied thick, clumpy, and messy to both lower and upper lashes, and then rolled over the lid to draw faded lines.
At Chanel, we learned that clumpy mascara could eliminate the need for eyeliner, as it does the job of framing and emphasizing the eyes. Paired with clean skin and carefully applied pink lipstick, it looked purposeful instead of messy. We also saw slightly clumpy mascara at Etro, that looked as though it was hastily applied along with a dot of gloss right on the center of the lid.

Untuk membuat maskara yang seperti ini, kamu butuh ujung maskara yang agak besar misalnya seperti : 

NYX Fly With Me Mascara Rp 147.000
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Rp 90.000
7. Bare Lips

The final element in the no-makeup spring 2019 beauty trends is the no lipstick look. Lip balm and vaseline were more than enough for giving lips a healthy, low-key shine on dozens of different runways.
A touch of eyeliner at Tibi was the only bit of visible makeup, with lips kept bare. No-makeup looks at Michael Kors also eschewed lipstick, along with other makeup products. Lastly, at Erdem we saw that bare lips could be paired with colorful eyeshadow looks.

Untuk menghasilkan bibir no lipstick look ini, kamu bisa memilih beberapa shade seperti :

Revlon Mositure Stay Lipstick- Flesh Rp 100.000

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Rp 90.000

NYX Lingerie- Koleksi nudenya lengkap Rp 90.000

Oke, jadi jangan kalap belanja yah! 

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