Saturday, April 29, 2017

Culinary in Surakarta City (Nasi Liwet and STMJ), Angkringan Shi Jack

Once, in the middle of March, I have been going to Solo a.k.a Surakarta City in Central Java. If you traveling to Indonesia, please get lost in Surakarta. Theres so many traditional culinary you have to taste and this city famous with its batik textile. 
But, in this post, I just want to share you about 2 kinds of traditional culinary form Surakarta City in Central Java.

Only for short time, its just about 6 hours only, but fortunately I have been trying my old and memorial culinary in Surakarta City in Central Java.

1. Nasi Liwet (Coconut Steamed Rice)
Nasi Liwet, coconut steamed rice with chayote and shredded chicken
Nasi liwet is one of most famous dish in Surakarta. Made from rice, coconut steamed rice, topping with chayote and shredded chicken. For other side dish, you can choose chicken fried, egg stew, or chicken's liver. And i choosing chicken's liver hahahahahaha. And how its taste ? Its umami. Not spicy, and i'm sure you will love it when you taste it. For other side dish (again) - not include in the banana leaf- you can see in the red plate, there is martabak (in the left one) as you know martabak is folded omelette pancake filled with vegetables - its so delicious. And in the right side of the Nasi liwet you can choose Tahu isi (Fried Tofu - floury deep fried tofu filled with vegetable - usually use cabbage and bean sprouts-. And so many side dish you can choose here.

You can find the Nasi Liwet in  : Nasi Liwet Bu Sarmi
Jl. Kapten Mulyadi, Kedung Lumbu, Ps. Kliwon, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57133, Indonesia
If you ask your local driver, tell him you want to go to Nasi Liwet Bu Sarmi in Loji Wetan (local people not familiar with address - but they will recognize it by the Icon- Loji Wetan is famouse icon in solo).
Its really cheap, around Rp 10.000- 20.000. Ask the lady there, don't use dollar here. Eat a lot, drink a lot. Try our fried snacks here. You'll love it.
2. STMJ (Susu Telur Madu Jahe) - Milk with egg, honey and ginger

Not that weird as my description actually. Its sweet milk, made from fresh milk stirred with egg yolk then added by ginger water and honey. Is really sweet, and you can't smell the egg yolk, because the ginger. So you don't have yo worry about that. For side dish (again and again) you can try fried tempe (fermented soy), fried tofu, Sosis Gulung (fried sausage tied with noodle) or Sosis Solo (fried pancake filled with shredded chicken). All dish is so delicious and fitted in rainy day.

You wanna try it ?
You dont have to go that far.
If you want to try STMJ, its just next beside the Nasi Liwet, you can find Shi Jack Angkringan.

You really have to taste in when you travel to Solo. The dish is so old, and memorable. Reminds me to my childhood.

Well then, see you on my next traditional culinary trip.

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