Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dream Big and be a Big Dreamer

Why do we have to start our dream?

Dream is one of someone's drive to go to the next stage of life. It's like fuel in a motorbike - for example - if you want to go to somewhere or someplace, you need some fuel to make you arrive in there.
The dream will make you take some extra effort to achieve something in you life. The dream is the drive to achieve your targets.
There might be a lot of things we want to achieve in you life, for example get better job, having job promotion, extra income, achieve scholarship, or simply, loss your weight and etc.
Dream can make someone become persistance, and have extra efforts. So this is the importance of having a dream.
Dream will become reality, when we start to do our first action.
So, how we have to start it ?
Here's several ideas for you to start the first step.

1. Set Your Dream.
Mention you dream exactly, by write it in you Agenda  or Diary. If you want to get married, write it down "I want get married in 2018 in private beach with close family member", for example. When mention you dream, it helps you to make your next step.

2. Break it down in small steps
Continuing the example before, if you want to get married in 2018 in private beach with you family member you can estimate the budget. You can assume, how much it cost to rent the private beach, how much the cost to arrange the party, how much the decoration will consume your budget, etc. Then after you estimate your budget, you can set up the plan. How much you have to save you money or how much you have to earn more money, do you need partime job, or else.

3. Make Priority
Then, after you break you plan into a small steps, you choose which one is the most important things to do. When you choose the first step (to be your top priority) make sure that the step is affecting your next steps. If you do this first steps, it will help you to do another step. So when increasingly done, your step is easier to do.

4. Make checklist to help you
Simply, checklist will help you to make sure, what is the things are done or not done. Then it evokes you to gain more effort to achieve it. Its strenght you.

5. Prepare your Self
Last but not least, you have to prepare your self for any possibility. All of you plan maybe  probably happen, or maybe not. Don't get hurt easily. Star to set new dream.

Have fun with you life !



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